ZH-PC 4 - 6 Points Gluer

ZH-PC 4 - 6 Points Gluer


ZH-PC is multifunctional machine which Mainly use for the cardboard , E and B flute 2-fold , 4 fold, bottom lock. Whole machine is very changeable. Automatic motorized adjust, simple and easy. The machine with the amending device for the pre-fold and bottom lock. Can be used for various types of crash lock bottom boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes and do simple box.

Technical parameters



Suitable cardboard quality

Cardboard and E and B corrugated cardboard.

Feeding way

Automatically and continuously feeding

Needed power




1. Main transmission adopts synchronous belt wheel, to ensure smooth operation, transmission precision
2. The main motor using dual-frequency control with stabilization and saving electricity
3. Each guide plate adjustment with motor electric regulation , adjustable accurately, simple and convenient.
4. Feeding-paper part using multiple thicken belt with vibrating motor to make sure paper feed smoothly and continuously.
5. Two glue drums for each upper and low tanks,to make sure glue various shapes boxes
6. Adopting photoelectric counter to count in preset number,and kick-plating device
7. Presure of conveying part adjusted according to the boxes' shapes to ensure perfect quality.
Box Drawings


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