YF Auto Folder Gluer

YF Auto Folder Gluer

Introduction of the machine

Automatic gluer consist of three part which is feeding paper part, glue folding part and counting piling part, adjust the speed by digital, micro-adjust the phase by computer, with simple quick reliable and precise controlling style, automatic feeding paper, automatic gluing and folding, automatic counting ,automatic pilling and outputting, average sticking speed is 150pcs/imn,max speed is 220pcs/imn.High efficiency, save energy, environmental is our top pursuit.
Function and characteristic

Automatically finish the top folding and middle folding, meanwhile finish the glue belt stick of the upper and down part, save labor and time.
suitable range is wide ,can be used in different size of carton, puicd and convenient to adjust.
The machine work steadily and reliable, the effect is firm and good looking.
Easy to operate and easy to maintain
Automatic amend the carton right-angle degree.
1. Counting and piling part
The finished product can be counted and speed-changing ctc. automatically, pile, neatly, exactly output. The speed can be adjusted, can be controlled seperately, the piling speed is 130m/min.
2.Control gauge part
Input by the simple touch screen, can change the data, production speed and data-input while the machine is running, many change frntion of the screen.
3.Folding part
The first folding sine is 180degree,the third folding line is 135 degree
4.Automatic amending part
amending the fish tail scissors error ect, effectively
Size A (mm)80---880mm
Size B (mm)700---2500mm
Size C (mm)160---840mm
Size D (mm)260---1300mm
Install size4000 x15000


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