SF320-2000 Single Facer

SF320-2000 Single Facer

Max. machine speed 130m/min    Economic speed 100-110m/min        Max. working width 1600 - 1800 - 2000 - 2200 mm
Diameter of corrugated roller320mm     Diameter of Press roller .325mm.      Diameter of preheater roller380mm
Diameter of Glue roller 215mm      Diameter of doctor roller105mm
Corrugated rollers made of 52CrMo alloy steel, with heat treatment for hardness HRC58-60, surface plated with chrome treatment.
Vacuum suction Fingerless design provides perfect flute formation in high speed manufacturing.
Gimbal driver system. Individual immersion oil gear type drive box, separating dynamic vibrations improve running stability, easy and fast for maintenance.
Gluing roller: surface is embossed with netting design and chrome plated.
Adjustment of upper corrugated roller, pressure roller and glue roller controlled by pneumatic system.
With preheating and preconditioning rollers.
The glue part surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chrome plated.
Motorized glue width dividing to match the paper width.


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