HY Single Unit Slotters

HY Single Unit Slotters

HY-ZK Series Automatic Rotary Slotter Machine:
This kind of machine adopts vacuum adsorption pushing board assistance to carry paper 
lead edge feeder 

It has once finish corrugated paperboard opening slot, slicing corner, dividing edge, rolling line and so on. 

Axial and vertical movement of the knife seat and height of the carton are controlled and adjusted by hand(Based on clients requirement, it can set up PLC control system),

Opening slot phase adjusting mechanism is the structure of planets gear structure. It adopts electricity power numeral 360 to adjust photo electricity counting number. 

It has many good characteristics such as handy using and handy repairing, high automation degree and so on. 

HY-B Series Rotary Slotting Machine:


1. Electric phase adjust the vertical movement of slotting wheel  
2. The gear: have oil box auto lubrication with oil
3. Machine body thickness: 40mm
This series on corrugated board cut paper, roll the line ,slice the corner open the slot machine, is comprehensive production equipment which integrate several process such as cutting corner line and slicing the side , electric phase, the machine characteristic is feeding single paperboard one by one , general flexural paperboard is applicable too.
Slicing the Corner, opens the slot knife can 360 degree positive turn and reverse turn, circularly convenient to adjust ,reliable to lock and open slot precisely ,the adjusting function designed compactly durable and long using life.

Slotter Parameters
Model Min. Maks. Skipfeed
BSY-295 280x600   920xMachine Width 1100xMachine Width
BSY-340 280x600 1050xMachine Width 1300xMachine Width
BSY-420 350x700 1300xMachine Width 1500xMachine Width
BSY-480 400x700 1450xMachine Width 1800xMachine Width
BSY-530 420x700 1650xMachine Width 1900xMachine Width
BSY-610 450x720 1900xMachine Width 2100xMachine Width



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