HY-C Series Machines

HY-C Series Machines

  1. Adopting advanced vacuum absorb lead edge feeding system, with stable high speed, easy operation and high accuracy.
  2. Whole machine electric parts are domestic famous brand with good and steady quality
  3. With Touch screen control, the machine have memory order for the printing unit and slotting unit. 
  4. Box width and height can be adjust by touch screen.
  5. All the drive rollers adopted high quality steel materials, hard chromium plating and the surface treated by lapping finish. The drive gears adopt high quality alloy steel, after heat treatment and lapping finish.
  6. Main gear of whole machine auto lubrication with oil. Increase the life of the gear
  7. Suitable for 3/5/7 layer corrugated paperboard, as well E flute paperboard
  8. Feeder unit with computer touch screen, can save order memory. 
  9. Adopting advanced vacuum absorb lead edge feeding system, with stable high speed, easy operation and high accuracy.
  10. High pressure centrifugal fans(7.5kw). The absorption force can be adjusted to different cardboard thickness and dimension. Frequency converter control the force, make sure the smoothly feeding
  11. The left , right bar is moterized adjust. Digital display, prompt , accurate and convenient.. The gap of front bar is manually adjusted
  12. Has interval paper feeding device. Convenient for larger sized cardboard printing .
  13. Equipped with brush device(4kw) to sufficiently eliminate dust and scraps as well as foreign substances on the printing surface and to improve printing quality
  14. Interval of the feeding roller is adjusted by high precise worm box with a range of 0-11mm.
  15. The feeding roller is embossing and chrome plated and subject to balance alignment. 
  16. Hanging plate device on the printing cylinder. Easy to put the printing plate
  17. Electrically-controlled connecting and separating every unit, with alarm to secure operator by consecutive ringing during its processing.
  18. Printing phase adopt electrical digital adjusting with 360° degree. (stop and running)
  19. All roller with super quality steel plate object to balance alignment and chrome plated . stable operation and high speed.
  20. Pneumatic septum pump supplies the ink and the ink cup shows the quantity
  21. Pneumatic plate-uplifting device functions as the anilox roller pneumatically separates with the stopping of the mainframe, automatically smoothing the oil to avoid dried oil 
  22. Slotting phase adopt electrical digital adjusting with 360° degree. (stop and running) .
  23. Box width and box height can be moterized adjust by the touch screen.
  24. Slotting size memory save function.  No need adjust the same order everytime. 
  25. Pressure interval is adjusted and fixed by self-lock worm wheel and worm device
  26. Corner cutting seat applies soft connect, prolong using life and prevent unclear cutting.
  27. The slotting knife is made of high-quality alloy steel, grinded after heat treatment, with excellent rigidity and tenacity and long life of using. 


Main technological parameter






Max speed




Work speed




Topping precision




Sheet thickness



Slotter Parameters
Model Min. Maks. Skipfeed
BSY-295 280x600   920xMachine Width 1100xMachine Width
BSY-340 280x600 1050xMachine Width 1300xMachine Width
BSY-420 350x700 1300xMachine Width 1500xMachine Width
BSY-480 400x700 1450xMachine Width 1800xMachine Width
BSY-530 420x700 1650xMachine Width 1900xMachine Width
BSY-610 450x720 1900xMachine Width 2100xMachine Width



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