HY-A Chain + Vacuum Sut Feeder

HY-A Chain + Vacuum Sut Feeder

Main features

1. Printer slotter phase :electric number digital adjust
2. Slotter unit: Up and down slotting knives and creasing knives combined movement. Easy to change order.
3. The gear of the machine: Auto lubrication with oil         
4. Automatic seperated, pneumatic lock up.
5. All electrical and electronic parts are used from domestic and international famous brands. 

1.New design of making machine and electricity into the whole. With beautiful out look, fixed structure, high auto level.
2.Printing phase and slotting phase with 360° phase with electric digital adjustment
3.The phase adjusting adopts non-stop-working, 360o electrical and numerical adjustment. Input the data as per the error. Automatically adjust
4. Paper-feeding roller: The upper axle adopts ginning paper-feeding wheel while the lower axle adopts steel ginning roller. The surface hard chromium-plating guarantees the smooth feeding of the paperboard and does not damage the corrugated cap
5.With high precision of process printing, the error chromatic printing is little and easy operation. 
6.Separation by electricity and pneumatic locking up, pneumatic raising plate and auto adjusting ink.
7.Four knives adjustment, with length, width adjustment upper and lower knife stand, pressing line, cutting knife ruler, pressing paper pole which have united movement by hand, saving order changing time.
8.The hint of alarm bell and hamper to increase the safety in operation.
9.Automatic counting device is adopted which can control the production quantity properly.
10.Having the Auto lubrication device which can prolong the life of the gear

Ink circulating system

1. The anilox roller adopts the steel material 220 wire combined anilox roller.
2. The rubber roller is made up of natural oil proof, acid proof and alkali proof rubber.
3.Pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, automatic circulating. Automatic cleaning  after adding water.
4. Stop working to distribute ink. Stop working and the work of the ink circulating system for a short time. Cleaning-free to guarantee the quality of the printed things and make the inking color showing no difference.
5. Pneumatic control of the anilox and rubber rollers of the ink circulating system. Quick lifting can print more tiny script, fine pattern or color process. It can make the printed matters clear, full
Technological parameter
Thickness of paperboard : 2-11mm
Main Power: 4,5 kwa
Working Speed (Pcs/min): 0-60

Slotter Parameters
Model Min. Maks. Skipfeed
BSY-295 280x600   920xMachine Width 1100xMachine Width
BSY-340 280x600 1050xMachine Width 1300xMachine Width
BSY-420 350x700 1300xMachine Width 1500xMachine Width
BSY-480 400x700 1450xMachine Width 1800xMachine Width
BSY-530 420x700 1650xMachine Width 1900xMachine Width
BSY-610 450x720 1900xMachine Width 2100xMachine Width



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